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🤔 2016? What a year!

I’m not sure what to think of 2016. It’s been a real rollercoaster to say the least. Many favorite people left this world, a new president was elected, people who were all about peace and harmony turned into the biggest hypocritical people they thought everyone else was, and our police officers, firefighters and the like who have lost their lives to save others.

I know there are years like that I’ve mentioned above and it seems to get worse every year. Now, I don’t know if since I’m older and paying more attention to what’s going on that it seems to get worse or if it really is.

My wish for 2017 is that we all try our best to the best people we can be and to each other. That we stop all the name calling and bashing of one another. That we lift each other up – not be jealous or envious but encouraging and rewarding.

I still live by that old saying- treat people how you want to be treated.  Sure, it doesn’t always “reap what you sow” but it shows character. It shows others that you can be kind in times of adversity.

So be kind, say kind things, and just be the best person you can be.

Until next time..Happy New Year!


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I long for the warmth of your arms,

For they made me feel safe from harm.

The night talks that seem to never end,

Creating a life long friend.

Falling asleep holding onto one another,

The love we had like no other.

I miss the laughter that once filled our days,

Filling my heart like warm sun rays.

I long for the simplicity of our new found love,

You’re all that I would think of.

Holding hands and longing stares

Though I’m left alone in tears.

Longing for the welcoming hello’s,

and the dreaded goodbye’s.

Now I’m left here all alone,

No one to dry my eyes.

A love that was once found has been lost once again.

With pleasures gone, I’m left here in pain.

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Show, Don’t tell

I’d like to thank B for helping me get started in songwriting. His lovely lady for introducing us!

I have learned much through collaboration, practice and inspirations.

I’ve also learned you don’t have to be a perfectionist to write. I tend to over think what I try to express and therefore I don’t write for fear of failure. I don’t want to seem like I have no clue what I am doing 😂.

When I write, I feel like my soul is bared and I feel uncomfortable expressing those words that bare the soul. I can express emotions better in writing than I do verbally. I feel when I write it, I can hide it, but when I speak, there’s no where to hide!

I am still working on “show, don’t tell”. I have a difficult time showing what I’m telling when I write a story. Sometimes letting the reader use their own imagination is a good thing 😅.

Ok, I tried to get out of it. Didn’t work :-/

Until next time…show, don’t tell lol



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Good Morning Writers ~ Tracking Your Time by Randy Ingermanson — Just Fooling Around With Bee or The Bee Writes…

How is your writing going? Do you take a break every now and then or are you a ferocious writer? I need breaks when I blog or write. Regularly. But not necessarily in a given time schedule. When I feel I get tired and can’t concentrate anymore I have a break, have a cup of […]

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3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Dream Big, Dream Often

blogexciteAre you interested in my thoughts on blogging and my answers to a few questions I was asked this past week?  Here are answers every blogger in the world needs to understand:

“Why does it seem that there are a lot of blogs with a couple thousand followers or less and then 10,000 followers or more?”

This past week I have received quite a few emails asking me about growing a blog and this particular question came up.  Apparently someone else has noticed this trend.  The truth is I’m not sure why this gap exists, but it has existed since I first started my blog in 2014.  I’ll be curious to read other’s opinions and thoughts on the matter.  I think part of it has to do with work ethic and devotion to craft.  Not to say the smaller blogs are not devoted.  What I mean is the larger blogs are…

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My brother is a singer and he needs some songs written but he doesn’t know how to write them. He also writes poetry. I told him that poetry and songwriting go hand in hand. He doesn’t know how to turn them into songs, he says. So he’s asked me to write songs for him as a ghostwriter. I’ve got 3 and a few more in the works so far. He wants to know what tune I want to use for them. I have no idea. I just like to write, but tonight while writing a song I was humming to it and I’m not sure if it’s because I had been listening to music earlier and just had a tune in my head or if I actually have an original tune for said song.

I am enjoying this side of my creativity. I had never thought I’d be songwriting. It is fun while also being emotional.

Do any of my readers write songs?