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I long for the warmth of your arms,

For they made me feel safe from harm.

The night talks that seem to never end,

Creating a life long friend.

Falling asleep holding onto one another,

The love we had like no other.

I miss the laughter that once filled our days,

Filling my heart like warm sun rays.

I long for the simplicity of our new found love,

You’re all that I would think of.

Holding hands and longing stares

Though I’m left alone in tears.

Longing for the welcoming hello’s,

and the dreaded goodbye’s.

Now I’m left here all alone,

No one to dry my eyes.

A love that was once found has been lost once again.

With pleasures gone, I’m left here in pain.

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dying ember

afraid of oxygen

afraid of water

once was a burning flame

now slowly exhausted

no one to keep it fed

how it hungers so

oxygen to lead to failure

water put it out

which is worse

to feel alive once more

or never burn again





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Walking Alone

Walking alone isn’t always bad

It’s a time to reflect on the things you’ve had

Pain is a given

It’s what all of us dread

Emotional scars we’ll have ‘til we’re dead

This peaceful walk

That some may hate

For me it’s relaxing

A time to wait

Wait for the calmness

To rush over my soul

To make my body once again feel whole

My story is long

And it’s got a lot of years

Filled with some hurt

And drenched in my tears


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Boys, My Boys (poem)


Last night while I was nursin’ my little guy around 1 this mornin’ I happen to look over at my notebook in which I write my thoughts into and I thought I’d scribble in some thoughts and the first thing I thought of while sittin’ in my bed at 1 a.m. is Long Nights. Then the words just sorta flowed and soon after I had finished writin’ I had a poem. I’ve never written a poem before so I was surprised with the finished results. I don’t know how to revise a poem so I’m just going to write in what I wrote in my notebook…

Long Nights

Lots of Fights

That’s What My Little Boys Are Made Of

Smiles, Hugs

And Lots of Loves

That’s What My Little Boys Are Made Of

Makin’ Stains,

Gettin’ Sprains

That’s What My Little Boys Are Made Of

Hide’n’ Seek

Chocolate Treats

That’s What My Little Boys Are Made Of

Jumpin’ Jacks

Makin’ Tracks

That’s What My Little Boys Are Made Of

Skinnin’ Knees

Climbin’ Trees

That’s What My Little Boys Are Made Of

I’m not sure if I’m done here but I’m done for now! Like I’ve said I’ve never written a poem before so I’m kinda proud of this one. I hope you enjoyed it!