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Let’s Not Forget

Let’s not forget why we have this day. It is not to thank those that are still living it is to remember those who gave their lives for me to sit here and write this. The living Soldiers do not want to be thanked on this day they want you to remember their brothers and sisters who died defending this country. It is not a “happy” day.

For soldiers and veterans it is a day they remember their comrades who died beside them. Who didn’t get to go home with them. Who don’t get to see their little ones grow up. Who had fiance’s who were waiting for them excited to be marrying their soulmate. Who had wives or husbands that were making welcome home banners only to have to put them away because they weren’t able to welcome them home as expected.

While we do appreciate our soldiers and veterans that have fight for our freedom let’s remember those who didn’t make it home defending it.










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Promote What You Love —

How about a little throw back….Tuesday?😉 I have this theory that makes total sense to me, but I seem to be in the minority if social media or the media in general has anything to say about it. I believe that we should share what we care about. Fight for and inform others about things […]

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Kid plays pool

Our 8 year old has decided that he wants to learn how to play pool so my husband has been taking him out on Sundays to practice with one of his expert buddies.

He now has a junior cue stick with a case and has learned the basics of holding and striking. He is enjoying every minute of it.

My husband is in the APA pool league and my son wants to be in the junior pool league so he’s practicing as much as he can.

I think it’s great. He’s found something he really likes doing. He’s been watching YouTube videos of pool players and he wants to learn trick shots 😀

I’m no expert but I like playing 9-ball and that’s his favorite as well.

I’ve only got to see him practice once 😦 I told him next time I needed to bring my camera and take pictures and start a media journal for him. Kind of like a before and after with a story along the way. He loved that idea.

Rather than playing pool, our 4 year old has taken an interest in video games and has mastered minecraft. He also plays skylanders and now wants to learn how to play racing games. He may just very well be a techy, which it fine by me.

Meanwhile, our one and a half year old tries to wrestle the controller from said 4 year old and 8 year old and they end up tapping out!

So now they’ve concluded that they need to wait until said one year old takes a nap before they can play.

They’ve tried giving him a controller but he’s at that stage where he wants what you have. Everything is “mine” stage.

Umm hmm, y’all know what I’m talking about. :-\

Until next time..pool on!




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Rainy Day…

Humid morning

Rainy day

Children up

Laugh and play

Breakfast cooking

Bacon and eggs

Pray and eat

Day begins


Until next time. ..




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In My Opinion

So on my search of freelance work, I  stumbled upon an article about a mommy blogger who quit her blogging because she started to feel guilty that most of her stuff was fake. She deleted her blog.

Look, parents, we’re not perfect and anyone who says they have “well behaved kids” and a “perfect marriage” and go on to tell you “how to have those”, well I say practice what you preach!

Sometimes I wonder if those that give advice are actually utilizing them themselves? Or wish they could implement the advice in their own lives.

I don’t know maybe I’m being cynical. You’re probably shaking your head yes! That’s ok. I don’t get offended easily.

Do what you wish with your blog but feel good about it. Do something that makes you want to keep doing it without feeling guilty or fake.

It’s one of the reasons I blog on various topics. I’m not a “niche” sorta person.

And as much as I love my kiddos, they’re a huge part of my life, I don’t want that to be the only thing I talk or write about.

I  believe we all kind of know how kids are, especially our own, and we as parents are the only ones that know how to handle their behavior.

I don’t need a book to tell me how to raise my ornery boys, thank you very much!

I feel as though those books are saying you’re doing it wrong and that they’re way is the right way!
I do feel bad for that mommy blogger though because as I am becoming more aware of the bloggin “wars” there is a lot of “I need more views and subscribers”.  And I’m also aware that the bigger your platform is and what you write about the better chance of getting hired or noticed.
I didn’t make this blog to get views or subscribers and those that have subscribed to my blog I say THANK YOU! I’m glad you are here! And I welcome any feedback from ya.
I’m not a braggart and I’m not prideful nor will I boast. I’m thankful for this outlet. I’ve learned much and I’ll continue to learn.
Well I’m off to do some adulting
Until next time…
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Just Write the Right Way ;-)

I’ve been on and off online in between family obligations and school today looking for freelance jobs because  Gina Horkey‘s website says it can be done! I find most of my resources from her blog. She has tons of information. If you haven’t yet and you’d like to, click on that link and check her blog out. I’ve also been googling start up writing jobs and it turns out that you need a huge social media platform not just a WordPress blog and twitter! I have a lot to do family-wise and with college that I couldn’t possibly keep up with several platforms. It’s why I have connected my twitter to this blog. I’d like to get some experience writing for others to get a feel for it and I am still learning how to pitch and this website here 8 Things to Avoid When Pitching A Website or Publication has given me a few ideas about what they don’t want to see when they read your pitch. What I understand from this website Content Marketing Goals you “need” a niche. That’s not going to work for me because I get bored easily and having to do something repetitively is obnoxious. Speaking of content I have written ideas about a short story or book I’m working on. I’ve began the story by freewriting and this website Writing With Heart has helped me with the emotional aspect of the characters. I’m still working on my descriptive writing and getting ideas from these helpful websites has been great. My History prof. recognizes that I am a short but informative answer type of person. It’s hard for me to “embellish” or add to the information. It’s like if someone was to ask me what kind of vehicle I drive my answer is going to be a red mazda. I’m not going to give year, or model or type it is. I’m brief. My classes have helped a lot with those difficult parts of my writing. 3 Things You Must Have in Your Novel is another great website to help with writing my fictional story. I told ya I’ve been doing some research! I’m trying not to let it take over but it’s hard because I’m a willing learner. This [writing] is what my heart is set on even though I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged.

This one The 100 Best Websites for Writer’s is where I’ve gotten most of those from.

Until next time…Just Keep writing 😉

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One Lovely Blog

One Lovely Blog Award Badge.jpg

Thank you to Lindsay of Home Hugs Huskies for nominating for this award. If you haven’t and you’d like to check her blog out. She’s got some amazing stories and coloring books for children.

So I’ve got to list 7 facts about me hmmm…what do you not know about me?

  1. I’m an Aries
  2. I use Kate as a nickname to my real name. I like it better!
  3. I want to learn how to play the banjo and the violin. I’m a beginner in piano.
  4. I love trying new foods from different cultures.
  5. I listen to a variety of music and I have several favorite genres. 2 most favorite are country music and Celtic.
  6. I hate shopping. All kinds of shopping. Grocery, clothing, anything.
  7. I want to own a farm one day.

I nominate:

Emily Eggshells

Moms Minivans Messes

Think Like Kate

A Mother of All Trades

What’s For Dinner Moms

How to Provide

Miles and Scars


A Kinder Way

These are just a few  I love to read. There are many more.

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