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My brother is a singer and he needs some songs written but he doesn’t know how to write them. He also writes poetry. I told him that poetry and songwriting go hand in hand. He doesn’t know how to turn them into songs, he says. So he’s asked me to write songs for him as a ghostwriter. I’ve got 3 and a few more in the works so far. He wants to know what tune I want to use for them. I have no idea. I just like to write, but tonight while writing a song I was humming to it and I’m not sure if it’s because I had been listening to music earlier and just had a tune in my head or if I actually have an original tune for said song.

I am enjoying this side of my creativity. I had never thought I’d be songwriting. It is fun while also being emotional.

Do any of my readers write songs?


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Enduring ‘The Grind’

I love “The Grind”

Jay Colby

The difficult nature of making changes means that you will likely be putting in effort that will take you far beyond the point at which it is inspiring or fun. This stage is what I like to call “The Grind”, which starts when actions necessary to produce meaningful change become stressful, exhausting ,and tedious. Simply put the grind is daily struggle that a lot of people go through and sometimes can discourage anyone making major changes in their life. Also at this stage your efforts toward change really count. The Grind is what separates those who are able to change from those who are not. Many people who reach this point in the process of change either ease up or give up because change is just too hard. But truly motivated people reach this stage and keep on going. Many self-help gurus, life coaches and motivators will often say that…

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dying ember

afraid of oxygen

afraid of water

once was a burning flame

now slowly exhausted

no one to keep it fed

how it hungers so

oxygen to lead to failure

water put it out

which is worse

to feel alive once more

or never burn again





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Hello There…

🎶Hello darlin’ nice to see ya
it’s been a long time🎶…

Well, hey y’all!

Just finished my last term. Not sure when I’ll start another. I need a much needed break. While I thoroughly enjoyed my classes in Humanities II and Creative Writing, I am a bit burned-out.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to stock my etsy shop, reply to my pen pals and talk to y’all. I miss y’all! I miss this awesome blogging world!

Well that is all for now.

Until next time…

Hello Darlin