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Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

If you need some laughter

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Stories to Share

If you love to read short stories check these out


Time to ShareDon’t you just love a good story? So do I and I have several to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. We all need a little recognition, especially when it comes to our stories. So, give the authors a little love and let them know what you think about their stories.

First up:

  1.  Bed Hole Syndrome by  Carla Lancken. Courtesy of Flash Fiction Magazine.
  2. An Unexpected Death by P.S. Hoffman.
  3. Short-listed by Mash StoriesMonte Carlo by Dominic Howarth.
  4. And, from WOW-Women on Writing’s 2015 Fall Flash Fiction Contest:

Interested in seeing Your Story Published? Check out the Mash Stories Competition and Wow- Women on Writing’s Summer 2016 Flash Fiction Contest.

Sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy a good read.

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A big thank you goes out to  The Utopia Universe for nominating me for the Entertainer Blogger Award! If you haven’t yet and you’d like to, click on that there link and check out the blog!

I’m going to go with the words of The Utopia Universe and say the same because it’s exactly how I feel when I read y’alls blog posts:”The following was originally written by Vicky ( but so well suited to this award, I will use her words, To think of entertainment, it compasses a range of implications:-

Did I laugh, Did I cry, Did I learn ?

The following people have made me do one of those three things, I’m sure they’d do the same for you as well……………..”

Why did you start the blog in the first place?
Well I’m not exactly sure! I wanted somewhere where I can go and vent, talk, share and whatever else came to mind and learn to better my writing. I wasn’t really looking to create a niche of sorts but I may in the future!

What is your favorite book?
I don’t necessarily have a favorite book as I do favorite authors: Stephen King, John Grisham, Laurel K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, to name a few. I like the sci-fi, mystery genre.

What is your favorite pastime activity?
FISHING!! It is so relaxing yet I haven’t gone in a few years due to this thing called LIFE. But when I do have a little spare time I like to read, write, crochet, photography, and I recently took up pen paling.

The Bloggers I Nominate (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) There are so many bloggers I follow that have so much to offer:

A Kinder Way

Impossibly Real

Cow Pasture Chronicles


Home Hugs Huskies

My Life On Purpose

House Wife With A degree

Good Beautiful and True

Emily Corner Office

Mummy 2 Four

Crazy Sober Girl

Dream Big Dream Often


The Rules:

Display the Award image on your blog.

Write a post regarding your award.

Nominate 12 other bloggers for this award

Thank the person who nominated you.

Answer the three questions above.


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Summertime Blues

Lately it seems depression has reared its ugly head for many people. Some choose not to wallow in it and some can’t help but let it run its course. Kinda like a flu. So, I wondered if maybe the summer season was contributing to it. I did a little research and come to find out that 10% of the U. S. population gets SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the summer. It usually affects us during the winter because of shorter days and cold weather.

I found that there were possible reasons that we may become depressed in the summer.  One of the reasons is stress. Aren’t we suppose to be having a good time? For many of us that’s not the case. Due to the increasing heat and humidity we tend to stay indoors. Kinda like we’d do during the winter. I don’t know about anyone else but Texas has one season, Summer! Or it seems that way especially for the southern Texans. Although, fall and winter seems to be our favorite time of the year because it has finally gotten a little cooler. I don’t remember the last time I actually wore a coat. Long sleeves, yeah, but an actual coat.

Another reason: if you’ve got children in school you’re suddenly faced with having to keep them occupied. The change of routines can disrupt even the most put together person. Vacations can do that as well.

Body issues can play a role in our depression. As it gets warmer,  we’re wearing less and it can make us (me) self-conscience. We (I) start to feel awkward and will avoid any events that have to do with pools or beaches. We (I) keep saying “this is the month I work out and get in shape” every month. Or “this Monday I will start my diet” and end up forgetting said diet and eat everything in sight!

During the summer we want to have fun and be able to have the summer to remember. But if your financially strapped it can be difficult then we get SAD because we see our friends or families having these fun vacations while we’re at home trying to hold it all together and keeping your kids entertained and keeping them from beating each other up! Sometimes we can’t leave our jobs or prior engagements to go on vacations or spend the summer with family and/or friends.

Summers used to be my favorite time of the year but as I’ve gotten older Fall has become my favorite. I can’t stand the heat as much as I used to. My boys get hot very easily. You’d think they’d be acclimated to our type of environment being Texans and all but nope they need to be cool. Not an exaggeration, I promise.

All in all don’t beat yourself up if you can’t have the “summer to remember”. Try to make the best of it. For us, just goin’ to the creek or goin’ fishin’ is nice. Water guns, sprinklers, and bubbles are also my boys favorite even though they have to go out later in the evening or early in the morning. If we have to stay indoors we (they) play video games, put puzzles together, draw, color, make playdough. Their (our) favorite things to do is science experiments. I love their reactions and excitement when something neat or “cool” happens.

You don’t have to have an extravagant vacation or a bunch of things to do to keep happy. The little things is what they remember. I hope y’all have an awesome rest of the summer. For us it’s only gonna get hotter. So off to pinterest I go to find some neat science experiments and things to do!

Until next time…

I don’t know how to put YouTube in my blogs so if anyone wants to help me figure that out I’d be grateful! But here’s a song to end my blog: Summertime Blues



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Daily Post

Nightmares and Dreams
What do they mean? 
Horrifying nightmares that make you wake up screaming and out of breath.
Fantasy dreams of unrealistic happiness.
Dreams you don’t remember once you’ve woken up. 
I’ve often had those types of dreams and nightmares. I think my anxiety has a lot to do with them. When I go to bed really stressed out I tend to have bad dreams and then forget it as soon as I wake up. Sometimes my nightmares seem almost real because I can physically feel what’s happening. Sometimes when I read of things that have happened they become my nightmare. 

I still remember a bad dream I had as a teen. In my nightmare it was a dark, country road only lit by few dull yellow streetlights. I was running as fast as I could from someone. I tried to see who I was running from and as I did the someone shot me in my chest and I woke up, breathing heavily as I was clutching my chest because it felt so real. It was a pain and such a feeling that I can’t describe.  My screams had woken my dad and he came in almost tearing down the door. I told him about the dream. He was shocked to think that anything like that could happen to his daughter.

When I was a little kid I used to have nightmares of snakes eating my little brother. And spiders attacking me. But I have no real life fear of them.

Nightmares happen all around us. Just check the news. It’s like something you can’t wake from. No matter how hard you try to ignore it. We don’t even have to go to sleep to have a nightmare. We basically live it.

What are your nightmares? What do you fear?

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Meet & Greet|Cool Drinks On Hot Nights

Go on, meet some bloggers

The Richness of a Simple Life

Welcome to the party! It’s been awhile since I’ve hosted but make yourself at home! There’s plenty of snacks and appetizers! I have refreshments but I know on a hot summer nightthere’s nothing better than your favorite refreshing beverage to sip as you mingle. So by all means, set yours on the table after you pour yourself a glass! I hope you brought plenty to share and if not leave the recipe and the guests can help themselves to something on the house!

There aren’t many rules but just to keep things in order, here are the rules of engagement:

  1. Share your the name and or recipe of your favorite drink to have on a hot summer night

  2. Post the link of another blogger’s post or blog in your comment

  3. Leave a link to one of your own posts

  4. Share, share, share!! The more people that stop by the more…

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I just want to stop here a second and thank each of you for your follows, likes and encouraging words. Y’all don’t know how much it means to me to know that I can come here and vent, or share things and receive positive responses. It means so much.Y’all make my days better. I want y’all to know that. I come here as much as I can to read and encourage others as you do for me. I don’t just follow just because, I follow because what you say or post matters to me and they resonate and encourage me in my daily life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.