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Show, Don’t tell

I’d like to thank B for helping me get started in songwriting. His lovely lady for introducing us!

I have learned much through collaboration, practice and inspirations.

I’ve also learned you don’t have to be a perfectionist to write. I tend to over think what I try to express and therefore I don’t write for fear of failure. I don’t want to seem like I have no clue what I am doing 😂.

When I write, I feel like my soul is bared and I feel uncomfortable expressing those words that bare the soul. I can express emotions better in writing than I do verbally. I feel when I write it, I can hide it, but when I speak, there’s no where to hide!

I am still working on “show, don’t tell”. I have a difficult time showing what I’m telling when I write a story. Sometimes letting the reader use their own imagination is a good thing 😅.

Ok, I tried to get out of it. Didn’t work :-/

Until next time…show, don’t tell lol




Mom | Wife| Writer/Blogger| Photographer | Student Hey y'all! I started this blog as a way to express myself and be creative. I really have no idea what I'm doing😞 I hope to have a better idea soon. I'm a student studying fine arts and creative writing. I love photography and I like putting short stories to pictures. I may also blog about personal schtuff! Just trying to get the hang of putting endless thoughts into understandable words. I'm a homeschooling mom of boys and wife to a retired combat veteran and within my writings you will find a little bit of everything. I'll share my thoughts and opinions, maybe some read worthy rants and recipes! So if you'd like to read about my random rambles grab your favorite liquid or snack, kick off your shoes (safely), have a seat and enjoy!

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