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Today will be Better!

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“I wake up every morning believing today is going be better than yesterday.”             -Will Smith

Have you ever experienced waking up so refreshed, full of energy and high-spirited, but so stressed and worn-out at the end of the day? I admit that I do too, sometimes- during those times when I forget that I can be in control.

You see, people wake up everyday in an auto-pilot mode. We do the same stuff that we do, and we usually treat situations almost the same as we always do. As a result, we experience more or less the same things. Unfortunately, we also experience the not-so-favorable things because we usually let others dictate and influence how we will act.

Here’s a good fact: We have the power to be in-charge and we can choose how to run this day!

Let me share with you some tips that works well with…

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What is Pocket Mail?

A whole new world of pen pals stuff! Anyone interested?

Pocket Letters

I created Pocket Letters™ (or pocket mail) as a new way to send letters to your new or existing penpals. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a Pocket Letter™ insert or a 9 Pocket Trading Card Protector  and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you. This can be a one-time exchange or you can keep exchanging these types of letters indefinitely. You fill each pocket with anything you like (stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.) A short note or letter is included and tucked into one of the pockets. Then the entire layout is folded up and sent in a standard 10 size envelope. It’s the perfect way to send and collect letters from other “Pocket Letter Pals” (ie people who are sending mail in this format) around the world and a convenient way to store them. They fit perfectly in a binder!

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Anxiety, stress, depression, Oh my

I’ve been real busy trying to get my research paper’s done. I’ve also been drowning in my anxiety and my stress levels are way off chart. I can’t stand that I’m an introvert and an empath. I feel exhausted and fatigued all the time. Add hypersensitive to that. I feel I’m spiraling into depression. 
I have so much on my plate, so what, in my right mind, made me think that I could add more? 
I know I’m doing good, but at what cost? With no help or support my kiddos often see an angry mom. I try not to be. I don’t know how much more of this emotional rollercoaster I can take. 
I can’t stand a lot of noise but I have no escape. I can’t stand the whinning, but I do whatever I can to make them happy. 
I worked for 3+ hours trying to get an official outline of my 10 page research done that would’ve been maybe an hours worth. And I’ve yet to finish it. It’s got to be turned in Sunday evening. 
During those three hours, I was constantly interupted by questions, wants, and tattle tales. This was right after supper so they weren’t hungry but yet asked for snacks, which I obliged. They had already had drinks but asked for more. Then there was the never ending tattle tales. And y’all already know I can’t focus for anything unless I’m left alone. It’s frustrating, to say the least.
I kept telling them that I’m doing homework, let me finish. I repeatedly asked them to go into the living room or their room until I’m done and they’d repeatedly come back. 
I hate feeling angry and  frustrated. I want to feel happy and relaxed. (I have many other vents that affect my moods but I’d rather keep them private). I just needed to complain. I’m sure there are far worst things that others are going through. It’s just, this is what I’m going through right now that’s hard.
This blog, my drawing, and my crochet are what helps a little but with the never-ending demands of my kiddos and all around household I don’t get much time with that either. 
I need a fishing trip all by myself. Yep, that’s what I need. Just me, a boat, and my fishing gear. Okay, maybe the kiddos would enjoy it too.
Whelp, that’s all for now. 
Until next time. . . 

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Proud Moment


You have earned a place on the Winter 2016 School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List at Southern New Hampshire University. Being named to this list reflects the consistent academic excellence of your work this last semester or term. Well Done!

The Dean’s List is an academic achievement awarded to a select group of students who have committed to academic excellence during a semester or term. To be eligible for this honor, a student must attain an academic grade point average of 3.50 – 3.699.

Although, at the moment, my GPA is 3.732 I’ll take it!

I nearly cried reading this. I feel my hard work is paying off. I hope to continue keeping the GPA as I work towards my BA.

Just wanted to take a moment to share this milestone with y’all!

Thank y’all so much for all the encouragement!

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One More

Hey, hey, hey! Check it out! My brother, who I introduced y’all to awhile back, has finally a page of his own!


One more wish, 
One more day
I would choose another path
And go a different way
I walk through constant darkness
In search of helping light
Everything is seeming wrong
Even what is right
This thing that I call living
Is pulling me farther down
Its making me feel so helpless
And puts me in the ground
I have many sleepless nights
My mind just never quits
I ask myself this question
When will this be it
Never have I wanted 
My life to be in pain
I hold myself accounted 
But to me its all the same
One day the hurt will stop
I’ll finally have some peace
The day that I’ll be ended
And my living then will cease


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Pen-Pals, yay or nay?

I’ve been thinking of looking into pen palling (if that’s even a word). I used to when I was younger. I thought it was kind of a lost art, due to fb and email,but when I checked out the penpals hashtags on IG I saw that there were people who still pen-pal. Who new?! I love snail mail!

So to those that pen-pal, do you just randomly pick someone and say hey let’s be pen-pals? Do you pick a  pen-pal from another country you’d like to learn more about? How do you go about becoming someone’s pen-pal? I guess I’m asking what is the pen pal etiquette?

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