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I just wanted to jump on here for a moment to welcome all the new followers! Thank you so much! And give a little update with school.

I’ll be sure to check y’all out as well!

I don’t blog as often as I’d like to but when I do hopefully I don’t bore ya!

Update on school: going into my 5th week already come Monday and I feel I’ve learned quite a bit. Humanities II has been a real eye opener for me. So far we’ve covered Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Romanticism and Realism, and the different types of paiting. I think each is great but my favorite is Realism with a runner-up Impressionism. Romanticism is my least favorite because it’s of horror & terror and history. Example:The Death of Sardanapalus

There are a few that aren’t so horrific. But most are.

In my Creative Writing class we’ve covered tone & style, characters & plot, and setting. I feel I’ve learned more than expected in a little amount of time.

In my next term I’m adding a photography course to spruce up those skills!

Welp, that’s all folks!

Until next time…


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My interpretation of this weeks SoCS:


This is my view right now. Sitting here outside with my boys plus one. My sons friend is over for the weekend. They like being outside of a morning when it’s not so hot. They hate that I have to spray mosquito repellent on them but I do it so they’re not complaining about being itchy later. The mosquitoes are bad. I love being outside during this timeas well. I wish everyday could be a perfect, slow breezy, just-the-right- temperature kind of day. It makes my heart and soul smile.

On the other hand I love rainy days as well. Grab a book or pen and paper, a cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds of the rain gently hitting the roof and windows.

This is my #SoCS