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Hello There…

🎶Hello darlin’ nice to see ya
it’s been a long time🎶…

Well, hey y’all!

Just finished my last term. Not sure when I’ll start another. I need a much needed break. While I thoroughly enjoyed my classes in Humanities II and Creative Writing, I am a bit burned-out.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to stock my etsy shop, reply to my pen pals and talk to y’all. I miss y’all! I miss this awesome blogging world!

Well that is all for now.

Until next time…

Hello Darlin

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I just wanted to jump on here for a moment to welcome all the new followers! Thank you so much! And give a little update with school.

I’ll be sure to check y’all out as well!

I don’t blog as often as I’d like to but when I do hopefully I don’t bore ya!

Update on school: going into my 5th week already come Monday and I feel I’ve learned quite a bit. Humanities II has been a real eye opener for me. So far we’ve covered Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Romanticism and Realism, and the different types of paiting. I think each is great but my favorite is Realism with a runner-up Impressionism. Romanticism is my least favorite because it’s of horror & terror and history. Example:The Death of Sardanapalus

There are a few that aren’t so horrific. But most are.

In my Creative Writing class we’ve covered tone & style, characters & plot, and setting. I feel I’ve learned more than expected in a little amount of time.

In my next term I’m adding a photography course to spruce up those skills!

Welp, that’s all folks!

Until next time…


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This post is part of SoCS


My interpretation of this weeks SoCS:


This is my view right now. Sitting here outside with my boys plus one. My sons friend is over for the weekend. They like being outside of a morning when it’s not so hot. They hate that I have to spray mosquito repellent on them but I do it so they’re not complaining about being itchy later. The mosquitoes are bad. I love being outside during this timeas well. I wish everyday could be a perfect, slow breezy, just-the-right- temperature kind of day. It makes my heart and soul smile.

On the other hand I love rainy days as well. Grab a book or pen and paper, a cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds of the rain gently hitting the roof and windows.

This is my #SoCS


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Two Thumbs Up Tuesday! (8/23)

Not the average mama featured Barefoot Momma on her two thumbs up Tuesday! Thank you so much!. Go check out her other picks!

Not the Average Mama

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to posts I have come across over the week and I want to share these wonderful blogs with all of you! I think it’s a fabulous idea to share the love in the blogosphere and who doesn’t like having a post they worked so hard on shared and acknowledged? Well done all of you! Thank you again for these awesome posts!

Momma on the Edge – The Art of Consequences : Okay, let me tell you about my new favorite blog to read. This kick ass momma writes about her experiences with autism and the craziness of raising THREE boys. I can barely handle raising one boy, I don’t know what I would do with three! This post is about having to dish out consequences — even when you personally don’t want to because you have something excited planned. You have to check out this blog! She’s…

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What’s up with Barefoot Momma

(pic) We went to our local city park for “discovery”.

Thanks for the likes, follows, and shares guys! Y’all rock!

So I started my classes Monday, the 22nd, and I had to write a poem or nonfiction for my creative writing class and write a reflection of my choice. I chose to write a poem. As soon as it is graded I’ll share it. I got positive feedback from classmates, just waiting on the professor. We studied about theme this week and this coming week we’ll be studying the setting. Crazy enough, this week we also talked about theme in art in my humanities ll class. We had to research different types of art such as Baroque. My favorite art is of water, landscapes and animals. We had to choose two pieces of art from any era and find a connecting theme and explain our choice. I will post those as soon as they are graded as well.

I know it is only a week but I am enjoying these 2 classes so far.

Meanwhile, in homeschool, my 8 yo has read an 18 chapter book in one day, my 4 yo has learned the letter A and my one year old has yet to understand he has 2 legs to walk on! He’ll be 2 in a couple of months.  I think we had a really great week.

I hope y’all had a good week as well.

Until next time…