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Warning: Rant


I’m going to go on a little rant here for a moment.

If you’re not Homeshooling I  don’t think you should have an opinion on the subject. You don’t know my kids. You don’t know how they react to other people. What would my 8 year old learn from your 8 year old? He’s got friends of all ages. Kids who are homschooled are not “weird” or “unsocialized”. Quite the opposite. No, you’re right, my kid isn’t like “other” homeschool kids because each kid is different. Each one of my boys are different from one another. They may be a little shy but do you go to strangers that you don’t know to say hi or ask to go to coffee or something?  No, I’m going to say no you don’t. So why should I force my kids talk to people or kids they don’t know just because you think they should “socialize”? Which they do on a daily basis. Oh I know, you were just gonna say “what I meant was” no, no you meant every word you said. I could go on and on about the public education but I keep my opinions to myself because they’re just that: opinions. So please, next time you want to play homeschool expert be sure you got experience first.

Had to get that off my chest.