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Pen-Pals, yay or nay?

I’ve been thinking of looking into pen palling (if that’s even a word). I used to when I was younger. I thought it was kind of a lost art, due to fb and email,but when I checked out the penpals hashtags on IG I saw that there were people who still pen-pal. Who new?! I love snail mail!

So to those that pen-pal, do you just randomly pick someone and say hey let’s be pen-pals? Do you pick a  pen-pal from another country you’d like to learn more about? How do you go about becoming someone’s pen-pal? I guess I’m asking what is the pen pal etiquette?

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Mom | Wife| Writer/Blogger| Photographer | Student Hey y'all! I started this blog as a way to express myself and be creative. I really have no idea what I'm doing😞 I hope to have a better idea soon. I'm a student studying fine arts and creative writing. I love photography and I like putting short stories to pictures. I may also blog about personal schtuff! Just trying to get the hang of putting endless thoughts into understandable words. I'm a homeschooling mom of boys and wife to a retired combat veteran and within my writings you will find a little bit of everything. I'll share my thoughts and opinions, maybe some read worthy rants and recipes! So if you'd like to read about my random rambles grab your favorite liquid or snack, kick off your shoes (safely), have a seat and enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Pen-Pals, yay or nay?

  1. I’ve just posted a blog post about looking for pen pals via Skype. Specifically for friendship not love or romance. Hopefully someone will check it out and add me lol. Feel free to take a look

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  2. I love snail mail! I started getting pen pals and writing letters to them about a year ago and it’s been great fun. Some got in contact with me via sites like IGGPPC and Pen Pal World, some I met via blogging, some via IG. Try find others who are also interested in writing letters and don’t be afraid to ask if they want to be pen pals!

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  3. Pen pals on line or as writing on paper and mailing something? i found a great one through International pen pals. We have been friends for 8 years now. She is in London and I am in the States. I’ve learned a lot!

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  4. I don’t know if there’s an etiquette, but it seems to me that you might get the most favorable response from someone who already seems interested in the same things you are, has some of the same reactions you do. It couldn’t hurt to ask someone if they’d be interested — after all, it is a long term commitment.

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