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Military Betrayal, Civilian Isolation

PTSD isn’t simple…read on to understand what most veterans go through.

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Many people think PTSD is the root of all mental health problems among veterans. This oversimplification is often reinforced by behaviors considered abnormal. One veteran I spoke with claimed to have stopped a dangerous driver, thrown him out of the car, and “gave him a life lesson.” Most people would accuse the veteran of needing anger management classes or therapy to control his PTSD, but if you’re a veteran, you might be able to empathize with his reaction. 

Many veterans experience anger, cynicism, or a heightened concern for justice during or after their service. These are not necessarily reactions to trauma or the result of PTSD, rather, they are the result of characteristics instilled in the military, but are no-longer adaptive in a civilian context.

A fellow Canadian colleague, Dr. John Whelan, has recently explored this particular issue in his book, Ghost in the Ranks: Forgotten Voices & Military Mental Health

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8 thoughts on “Military Betrayal, Civilian Isolation

  1. If I had the time to write I could write my own book as well. There are many things that most people have yet to realize go into account when you try and put it together. It is not as simple as one or two things. Self worth, dedication to something larger than ones self, family feeling,… Having been out over 11 years I still deal with all these and much more every day. It is a massive mess, of which some parts will never change, others might. My group counselor said just last night PTSD is a massive shit storm in and of itself, then add combat experience and the joys of this retarded civilian life and its quite the mess.

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  2. It is definitely an interesting take on PTSD, although certain aspects of his reasoning bothered me. Him stating that depression is a “so-called disease” makes me have some questions. But he describes the differences in the military vs civilian lives pretty well. I know just being a spouse I miss the black and white world of the military.

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