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Cling-on baby & Housekeeping!

Do you have a cling-on baby? 
In my About I said I am a SAHM, student, homeschooler, and caregiver to my husband. I struggle daily with trying to keep house while doing all those other things. See, I have a 18 month old cling-on baby. Any and every time I need to do something he gets really upset that he isn’t all up in my business! He wants me to put him on my hip and go on like he’s not there. I exhaust myself trying to keep house.


Yesterday, I cleaned my living room carpet. Pushing that heavy machine with one arm and holding a 25 pound kiddo in my other arm was very exhausting but I achieved my goal to clean the carpet. I hadn’t been able to clean it in lord knows when. I loathe carpet. I wish I could rip it out and burn it. But I live in a rental so I can’t do that.


Washing dishes is another time my cling-on wants to be velcro. I don’t have a dishwasher so I wash by hand. I don’t mind it but it’s tiresome while holding cling-on.


On washing laundry I can get at least a load done in a day. I’ve actually gotten cling-on to help. So that helps a little with the cling-on aspect. Now, if I sit down he looks at me like ok we’re done now I can go play. But as soon as I sit down and he goes off my other 2 need me. So up again hoping cling-on doesn’t notice. But he does notice because he can’t find his brothers, “oh look mommas standing, cling-on mode”.


My bathrooms especially my boy’s bathroom needs a DEEP cleaning. Any moms with boys know that the boy’s bathroom will smell of urine. I’m not sure if they’re seriously missing the toilet or seeing how far their pee goes. Let me tell you, it can go pretty far! In order for me to deep clean these bathrooms I will inevitably have cling-on right there holding my leg or shirt. So using any type of chemicals to clean is out of the question. Let’s be real here, vinegar does nothing to my boys bathroom clean wise. Bleach, now we’re talking! And disinfectant, don’t forget disinfectant spray!


As you know I’m a student and while it is online I still struggle trying to get my assignments in on time. As soon as I sit at my computer cling-on gets in my lap. I can’t focus.  I cannot read and answer any questions. I cannot write an essay. It’s like he sees it as I’m taking attention away from him anytime I do anything. I’m hoping that SOON this too shall pass.


I’m gonna be honest here and tell you I’m over it! I cherish every hug, kiss, and I loves you’s. I do. It’s just frustrating not being able to get things done. People say oh well just let it be, kids grow too fast. Well I can’t. I don’t like dishes in the sink. I’d like to wake up with a fresh start. Leave the laundry. I can’t because my kiddos need clean clothes. Leave the floors. I can’t because I have a little one who still puts things in his mouth. While I do try to distract him by getting him busy with toys or something before I get busy, it’s impossible for me to leave him to it without him getting upset. 

So, how do you keep house if you have a cling-on baby? 

Until next time…

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Mom | Wife| Writer/Blogger| Photographer | Student Hey y'all! I started this blog as a way to express myself and be creative. I really have no idea what I'm doing😞 I hope to have a better idea soon. I'm a student studying fine arts and creative writing. I love photography and I like putting short stories to pictures. I may also blog about personal schtuff! Just trying to get the hang of putting endless thoughts into understandable words. I'm a homeschooling mom of boys and wife to a retired combat veteran and within my writings you will find a little bit of everything. I'll share my thoughts and opinions, maybe some read worthy rants and recipes! So if you'd like to read about my random rambles grab your favorite liquid or snack, kick off your shoes (safely), have a seat and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Cling-on baby & Housekeeping!

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. The little one is so clingy too, I can hardly get anything done. He tries to ‘help’ in his two year old way, but ends up making more work for me. When I get really frustrated he says “love you”, I turn to mush and the cycle begins again. I can’t function in a dirty house so I can totally relate. Best of luck with your studies. Hang in there ❤

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