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Monkey See, Moneky Do!

I tell you what! These boys of mine can drive me to the point of insanity, roll me in crazy and stick me in a straight jacket! Good lawd! But I still wouldn’t tradem for anything in the world. Now, I would givem to grandma for a day so this introverted momma can enjoy some quietness and maybe get some stuff done that been needin to get done, like chores and schoolwork. I’ve been on a stress roller-coaster trying to finish and got finals coming up.


Just this past week my oldest was on spring break and came to visit me. He’s 14 but I have to remind him that he isn’t 8. Boy does he tear up my nerves!! That old sayin that monkey see, monkey do, applies to my boys literally! I’m not sure what kind of behavior he portrays at home but man- o- man I feel like I’m constantly repeatin’ myself to him. I thought maybe striking a remark about his immaturity would help me a bit but it didn’t. I know some teenagers get real irritated when you mention their immaturity.  I guess being a boy immaturity is relative. Heck, that goes with adults as well! Age is but a number of years you been alive it does not apply to how mature you are. My younger boys were mimicking his behavior on top of their already loud, rambunctious behavior. I didn’t think that much misbehavior could be had. I understand boys gotta move but they don’t have to do that in the house. Our house is small so runnin in it is against the rules. The other day they had so much energy because they couldn’t go outside so I hadem doing front-back-go. I don’t think that helped much but it gavem somethin to do other than hittin and runnin. My 14 year old has a major problem with self control. He says he’s comfortable here but I told him these little guys ain’t your size. He’s almost taller than me, but I’m a shorty anyhow, 5’1. He needs to understand the difference between the kiddos he hangs with and his little brothers. He’s got 2 baby sister’s at home and I know he don’t treat them like he does his brothers. Now that he’s gone on home and the house is settling and my nerves are trying to get back in order the younger boys have kinda got back into their own loud rambunctious behavior which is a bit more manageable. Today is a bit chilly ans windy so it’s best they stay inside but I’m hoping tomorrow will bring some sunshine because my boys and I will be outside. I love being outside in the warm sun and nature.  Going off subject here so I’m gonna finish this up.

Until next time…


Mom | Wife| Writer/Blogger| Photographer | Student Hey y'all! I started this blog as a way to express myself and be creative. I really have no idea what I'm doing😞 I hope to have a better idea soon. I'm a student studying fine arts and creative writing. I love photography and I like putting short stories to pictures. I may also blog about personal schtuff! Just trying to get the hang of putting endless thoughts into understandable words. I'm a homeschooling mom of boys and wife to a retired combat veteran and within my writings you will find a little bit of everything. I'll share my thoughts and opinions, maybe some read worthy rants and recipes! So if you'd like to read about my random rambles grab your favorite liquid or snack, kick off your shoes (safely), have a seat and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Monkey See, Moneky Do!

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You don’t have to feel pressured to participate, but it’s worth having a look. I’ve shared your link so that more people can read your blog. I relate with you on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your writing with us. You are a phenomenal mom and poet. Love and Blessings ❤

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